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  • Professional Operation

    Professional Operation

    Every umbrella produced with the highest of quality

Professional OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturing)

Stick Umbrella, Folding Umbrella and Telescopic Umbrella OEM customized production
Professional OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturing)
Professional OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturing)

Offering Diversified Service

We can incorporate flexibility offering several choices depending on all budgets and requests.
Offering Diversified Service
Offering Diversified Service

ODM/ OEM umbrellas

  • Details of our ODM/OEM services

    MOQ and estimated shipping date

    Our MOQ (minimum order quantity) is 1,000 pieces.
    Our estimated shipping dates will be addressed in the quotation.

    Business partners

    Our umbrellas are great options that companies, government units, schools or any other forms of organizations can use in PR-related activities and for marketing and retailing.

    Full turnkey ODM/OEM services

    Our ODM/OEM services cover umbrella ribs, grips, colors and sizes of umbrella fabrics, etc.

  • Winning points of ODM/OEM umbrellas

    As a useful marketing tool, customer-tailored umbrellas can function to improve the image and exposure rates of a company.

    Discounts are offered for large orders.

    Practically speaking, ODM/OEM umbrellas can be used as gifts or in activities by individuals or groups.

    Creative ODM/OEM ideas can be implemented with umbrella fabrics, handles, and ribs.

    As stipulated in the Regulations Governing Assessment of Profit-Seeking Enterprise Income Tax, enterprises' expenses on giving free samples are subject to tax deduction.

  • We are a professional and discreet suppler of quality umbrellas and other related services

    With more than 30 years experience in manufacturing umbrellas, we own adequate profession and knowledge that can satisfy a buyer's needs and wants.

    We listen to a buyer's needs and communicate to revise the specifications of our merchandises. We respect and honor business partners.

    We have entered firm partnerships with many hotels, golf courses, companies, and retailing stores. Our merit is excellent.

    We use Formosa Taffeta's umbrella fabrics, which are famous for being durable and of high-quality.

    To ensure quality, our ODM/OEM umbrellas are rigorously inspected before time of delivery.

  • Design of umbrella fabrics

    Different printing techniques are used to fit different designs of umbrella fabrics.

    For order quantity less than 1200 pieces, screen-printing techniques are used.

    For order quantity exceeding 1200 pieces, more complicated printing techniques such as dye sublimation or digital printing can be used.

  • Steps of ordering ODM/OEM umbrellas

    A buyer inquires prices.

    We communicate to clarify a buyer's needed specifications and budgets.

    We quote prices.

    A buyer negotiates specifications and prices.


    We produce samples that conform to confirmed specifications.

    A buyer places orders.

    We start manufacturing umbrellas after confirming samples.


    We massively manufacture umbrellas according to confirmed samples.


    We deliver finished umbrellas before our estimated shipping dates.